Thursday, November 20, 2008


I like a good burger from time to time as much as the next guy. But the burger arms race over the last ten years or so really has become ridiculous. I'm actually grossed out by some of the TV ads, particularly Hardee's. Remember the cheese-paper licking guys or the commercials with the men all siting around stuffing their faces with giant burgers and you could here all their mouth noises? Appetizing stuff. But the worst of it is how completely unhealthy these things are. Not to keep picking on Hardee's, but 1420 caleries in one burger?

The ironic part is that these restaurants also generally offer a larger menu of truly more healthy stuff (although those things aren't advertised nearly as much, if at all). And here's a weird bit of psychology about that: I find myself feeling less guilty about ordering the bad stuff just knowing there is good stuff available. Additionally, I am more likely to go into a place that has healthy options than one that doesn't. But once I get there, all bets are off.

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