Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Fairness Doctrine Must Be Reinstated!

Just kidding. I couldn't care less. And the same is true of the incoming Obama administration along with the Democratic Congress. But that hasn't stopped wingnut radio from going absolutely spastic over this imaginary "problem". So what say you wingnuts who visit this site, want to put money on the fact that there is no serious effort to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine? I know you can't admit this is all a bunch of bullshit so I'm looking for you to put your money where your big mouths (or brainwashed minds) are. Come on, don't just show faux indignation, show some cash.

Disclaimer: All bet amounts are subject to approval of my personal accountant, Mrs. TEH.


Anonymous said...

but, but, dave, if the fairness doctrine is re-instated, then *gasp!* talk radio will have to present both sides of an argument and we can't have that. And what will become of kelm & kirk, rush, sean, pamela furr, etc. I ask you?

Dave said...

The cult of victimhood would be threatened. That's why they have to be victims of plots that don't even exist.

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair guys. Fox and talk radio shows already present both sides. They have a conservative tell you want conservatives think and then they have a conservative tell you what liberals think. Fair and balanced!

I'm not a fan of the fairness doctrine either so I have to laugh every time a talk radio fan starts telling me why I'm wrong to support it. I think we should break up the media conglomerates and the fact that Obama wants to do the same is another reason I was glad to support him.

Making sure liberals don't have a voice on talk radio is step one. Step two is playing the "liberal media bias" card so that any factual information from a legitimate news source can be immediately dismissed as "bias." Combine the two and you're free to create an alternate reality completely disconnected from the real world.

Dave said...

I notice I have no takers.

Anonymous said...

fine dave, I'll put up a dollar:
That just means no Spam Lite! for thanksgiving :(

(I call forth the Spirits of Rush, Sean, Lars, Pamela, Kelm & Kirk....give me the insight to understand the right-wing nutjobbery that is neo-Conservative talk-radio...)

With the Democrats controlling the Congress and now with The Obama in the White House (did you know he is actually a citizen of Anarctica? He sticks out like a sore thumb), the liberals in government are not only going to take away our guns, but they are also going to cram the Fairness Doctrine down our throats.

This is a violation of free speech because neo-Conservatives will be forced to present viewpoints that are different then their own; and where is the "fairness" in that? Liberal talk-radio doesn't work, it does not turn a profit, but neo-Con radio does. This isn't about leveling the playing field and insuring that all sides are given an adequate amount of air-time and debate.

This is about that fascist socialist tendencies of Schumer, Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, Davlin, Cahnman and The Obama to destroy capitalism and the right's monopoly on the dissemination (sp) of what goes on the airwaves. Liberals are bad. Obama's a Muslim, Durbin wears a tupee and Davlin is actually English. End transmission.

Ps. I just noticed that the word verification for when I posted this is "fisagood." Dave, are you monitoring our comments? Just like a liberal to spy on us and try to control our thoughts.