Monday, November 17, 2008

Springfield Bites

I thought I’d pass on a few local restaurant notes from places I've been recently:

Jimmy Oh’s – Tried this new place at 3241 W Iles for the first time this weekend. Food was OK, but a bit pricy. The dinner salads were great. Service sucked.

Bennigan’s downtown – Skip it and go to Saputo’s across the street or wonder on over to Cafe Brio.

Pizza Hut on Chatham Road – Went there to use my son’s Book It coupon from school. Food was as expected (it’s Pizza Hut!) but our waitperson was outstanding. I’m not sure why you can’t get this level of service at more expensive restaurants. I tipped as if I was at a more expensive restaurant. I think it’s crazy to base tips on the price of the meal. Even with the nearly 40% tip I left at Pizza Hut, the superior waitperson got less than the crappy server at Jimmy O’s. I think I’m going to implement a new tipping scale with a baseline of $10. Level of service will make that number go up or down.

Pao in The Gables – Awesome sushi menu. Other food was good too. Again, kind of pricy. Good beer choices. Service was good but then we were with a large group that had to pay a large restaurant-mandated tip to the servers. I’ll be back for the sushi.

Roly Poly (next to Jimmy Oh’s) – Interesting sandwich shop concept. Everything is made with flatbread and they have tons of combinations of their many ingredients. The day we ate there, someone came out from the back and offered us free soup to take home since it was the end of the lunch rush and they had lots left over. Talk about good service.


KGB said...

Don't take Springfield food for granted. Some places only have local places to eat and no really good food anymore... except italian

Anonymous said...

I love the roly poly Moroccan Veggie (#139)