Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Talk

It only just occurred to me that of all the foods served at a more or less traditional Thanksgiving meal, there is only one meat: Turkey. That makes the Thanksgiving meal quite doable for vegetarians.

As meat-centric as we Americans are, it’s odd that the day where we celebrate gluttony (among other things), we choose one of the lightest and healthiest meats as the main staple. It seems like if we were going to do it right there would be big slabs of ribs, large grilled steaks, and Triple Thickburgers on the table.

I generally don’t even load up on the turkey. Instead, I choose the starches like mashed potatoes, breads, corn, and pastas.


KGB said...

I agree. Starches are the best part of every Thanksgiving meal. No need for meat. Even if it is just turkey.

Anonymous said...

I love a turkey that is moist and yummy! But don't forget the stuffing, noodles and pies!!! Yum. My favorite holiday!