Monday, November 10, 2008

I Can Say Fuck on this Blog

Although, for social reasons, you don’t want to have your young children running around saying it (particularly in public), there really is nothing wrong with the word. It doesn’t demean or slander anyone. It isn’t racist, sexist or any other “ist”. It’s just a word that can add emphasis or can be used as a synonym for sexual intercourse. Yes, it can be used in conjunction with other words to be generally insulting, but otherwise offers no harm.


Anonymous said...

There is another fake outrage from "the right" about Rahm Emanuel's FU comment. Where were "the right" when 5 deferment Cheney said that on the Senate floor?

Anonymous said...

nigger is just a word too

Anonymous said...

wow, anonymous is a brave man/woman to say that. Good thing cowards don't hide behind "anonymous" names.

btw dave, I have reason to believe that you stole that image from a recent post of mine; which I coincidentally stole from another site. Ah well, I'm always stealing ideas from your I guess its fair.

Dave said...

No, it is not “just” a word. It, unlike, my word, does hurt and does demean. Read the whole post dumbass.

I didn’t lift the image from your blog but I did steal it from someone else via Google Images (my usual MO). Probably the same place you got it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck You Dave Dumbass. Does that hurt and demean?

Anonymous said...

I stole it from yahoo images :O
not really a fan of google. Can I still steal ideas from you though?

Philosophical question, anon, is it better to be a dumbass or a bigot?

Anonymous said...

That reminds me, where in the fuck is Hilton Hightower?

Dave said...

Boy anon, you really are stupid. Go back and read the post. You used the word in conjunction with another word to demean. Idiot. Please don't come back here. But to answer your question, no, not coming from you. Not at all.

Blevins, steal away!

JeromeProphet said...

You have abandoned every shred of decency Mr. Dave!

I'm telling SAM!

That's right, Sister Anne Madonna!

And for the rest of you foul mouths, ha, you have no idea what you're in for - think dark cloak rooms!

Anonymous said...

sorry jp, didn't quite understand the dark cloak room reference...I was raised a Southern Baptist, where us little kiddies were often rewarded with Snickers and M&MS if we were able to go to the basement and keep secrets.

Anonymous said...


The SAM reference was an attempt to draw Dave out, but he didn't bite. SAM actually refers to Sister Anne Marie, not Sister Anne Madonna.

Back in the day slaps in the face, on the hands with rulers, and being locked up in closets was a method totally accepted by parents and used by priest and nuns to control us tykes.

Didn't happen all the time or anything like it, but with great regularity for some.

Using the F-word certainly would have meant extreme sanction for Dave.

As far as I have heard no children were ever molested at Blessed Sacrament, although I knew and worked with a devout Catholic woman who's younger brother was molested by a priest here in town.

I know she reads some of the local blogs here, including mine, and I expect that she may post a comment, or maybe not - we'll see.

As far as Baptist are concerned I did hang with the Baptist for a brief period, as we had a Baptist minister who lived just down the street, and all I can say is this,

Despite the high level of religiosity I had never seen a group of more sex driven kids in my life. I went on several excursions with these teenage Baptist, and they'd swear up and down all of us Catholics were going to hell, but SEX was the number one thing on their minds - non-stop.

Maybe it was all those M&Ms?