Friday, November 21, 2008

House Double Parked

Since it’s all we can talk about in Springfield this week, I’d like to chime in and say that I fully support providing the money for completing the move of the Maisenbacher house from the middle of Jackson Street onto a foundation at its new location. Yes, this seems to have been poorly planned, but let’s get it out of the street and we can go from there.
I tend to lean heavily toward the preservationist side of things anyway, but I think it’s silly not to proceed now that we have come this far. However, we do need to take a look at how we got into this situation and maybe do a better job of planning in the future. I see no grand conspiracy or other malfeasance, just a comedy of errors and circumstance. Now let’s talk about something else for awhile.


Anonymous said...

I was just doing some research on old buidlings on Chicago's North Shore when I ran across your blog about the Hotel Moraine from last July. I posted a comment on that page - just wanted to make you saw it, hope you find it enlightening!

doggettmeister said...


Unrelated but someone mashed up a preview for the ring with the Saved By Zero Toyota commercials.

I thought it might give you a guffaw.