Friday, October 24, 2008

Besides, Con-Con is Such a Cute Name

Rich Miller has a good rebuttal to those who oppose a new constitutional convention here in Illinois. I’m not all that partisan either way on the issue, but I do lean toward having the “Con-Con” largely on the principle that the state constitution should be revisited at regular intervals. I understand the cost argument and I appreciate, and am even somewhat sympathetic to, how some interests feel threatened by the possibility of change.

I’m sure there will be some changes I don’t agree with should the convention be convened. Still, I think it’s important for government to be responsive to changing times and new ideas. So I hereby order all of you to vote yes for the state constitutional convention, no matter how bad the wording is on the ballot. Keeping Rich Miller off the streets and writing about the Con-Con will also be good for everyone.

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