Friday, October 10, 2008

Plus It Just Makes You Look Stupid

Rep. Ray LaHood (R – Schock’s Sane Predecessor) has nothing to lose so he’s being honest here:
LaHood supports the McCain ticket, but doesn't like what he sees at some of the McCain-Palin rallies: When Barack Obama's name has been mentioned by Sarah Palin, there are shouts of "terrorist," and LaHood says Palin should put a stop to it.

"Look it," LaHood said. "This doesn't befit the office that she's running for. And frankly, people don't like it."

LaHood says it could backfire on the Republican ticket.

He says the names that Obama is being called, "Certainly don't reflect the character of the man."
Strangely, this reminds me of something LaHood’s predecessor once noted. After leaving office and driving back to Illinois from Washington in the mid '90s, Bob Michel said he listened to talk radio along the drive. He said he was shocked at what he was hearing. He thought it was crazy and vicious. Some things don’t change.
This will all be over in 25 days but the brain-dead, know-nothing, anti-intellectual wingnut dead-enders will retreat to their safe haven on talk radio and Fox “News” and carry on the fight from there. And hopefully they don't take their violent tendencies any farther than that.

Late Update: Credit where credit is due.


JLogue said...

I don't disagree with your major thesis here, but I think it's not entirely fair to generalize a whole demographic (brain-dead, know-nothing...) anymore than it's fair for people to call Obama a terrorist. I despise generalizations and lumping of people into one category or the other when I don't really think most people fit into those categories so neatly. I just don't think it helps your argument.

Dave said...

I'm referring to the specific (and somewhat large) sub-set of brain-dead, know-nothing, anti-intellectual wingnut dead-enders. I'm not sure how that is a generalization. I didn't say "all Republicans" or "all conservatives" or "all McCain supporters". Just the specific group of those who fit the definition above. And believe me, there are a lot of them out there. I know many personally.

Anonymous said...

There is also a large group from the radical left wing who are also acting brain dead and doing more than just "saying things".

Recently, left wing wacko Senator Claire McCaskill was doing an interview on MSNBC and Mitt Romney was to follow her. Before getting up and turning the earpiece over to Romney she told him that she spit on it. Real class. Hopefully these wackos wont take it further than this.

I too know a whole lot of this brain dead idiots and believe me, there are a bunch of them.

Dave said...

Thanks for proving my point Rick. You have been listening to your favorite wingunt media outlets again. Not suprisingly, they have turned this into a vicious brain-dead know-nothing attack on McCaskill. Here’s the story be hind this horrible, horrible thing (not) done by Sen. McCaskill:

The above exchange “started when Romney jokingly said ‘you don’t have an ear infection, do you?’
“They both laughed, and Claire replied in jest ‘No, but I did spit on it.’ Claire heard about Ben’s blog entry pretty quickly after it posted, and she and Romney were actually laughing about it together later that evening in the spin room. In the midst of a heated campaign, bipartisan humor still exists . . . .”

No more, Rick. Get the facts right or your comment is gone. Seriously, next time I’m not wasting my time rebutting, it’s just gone.


Anonymous said...

gee wilikers dave, are you trying to imply that the GOP would, *gasp* edit a conversation for a nice little soundbite to make Democrats look bad?

Anonymous said...

Dave, don't delete it, he'll cry "liberal censoring". Just show the facts and show how wrong he is. Remember when he "edited" the Bible to make his point. I came back and quoted the whole passage and showed it was 180 of Rick claimed.

These radical wrong wingers will stoop so low as to lie about the Bible. And they claim to be the "Party of God".