Wednesday, October 29, 2008

They Build Near Here Too

FYI, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition just finished a house in Pekin. If you care.

I’ve always wondered if getting one of these houses isn’t a mixed blessing. Sure, the new homes are a much needed windfall for deserving families, but I suspect that the community is always looking for and judging any “misuse” of the gift house or "misbehavior" of the recipient family.


Anonymous said...

I have always wondered how the houses work out for the new owners. Increased sq. footage typically increases utilities, and property value. Of course the increased property value always increases the taxes. I would expect in some cases astronomically. Going from a 1,200 sq. foot junker to a 3,000 - 4,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art home will have a drastic effect on your taxes alone.

John said...

I always wonder what these new "extreme" homes look like in the existing neighborhood, too. They have to stand out and look bizarre. It's one thing if they took the house and moved it to a neighborhood with other 3500 sq. foot houses, but to have it in a neighborhood filled with 1200 sq. foot houses is just weird.

Yeah, the tax and utility issue is a problem for these homeowners. They'd probably be better off selling the homes, but it's gotta be tough to find someone who can afford the new "extreme" home that also wants to live in the neighborhood of regular homes.

It's really a weird concept for a show, and I've never been onboard.

Plus, I think Ty is a weirdo. Like some sort of mischievous creature from mythology.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the show and think it is a good thing. All of the money comes from private donations. Not sure about the tax issue but I think the people are definitely better off in most cases than they were before.

Ty is a little weird but I think he is sincere.

JLogue said...

Obligatory hair comment:

I think Ty's hair could be a satellite or wireless service or something. He could call it Extreme Ty-Fi Internet and Cable TV.