Monday, October 20, 2008


I completely missed the voting for the Illinois Times annual ‘Best of Springfield’. Therefore, I was unable to cast the only vote for this blog as the Best Blog this year. Not that it would matter because who could ever overcome the bloggity awesomeness of Kimberly Smoot? Her insightful posts keep me coming back, well, every year when she wins best blog.

I was also glad to see Gateway to India won the Best Indian Food category given all the competition it has in town.

All snarkiness aside, congratulations to Kate Catalano of Brewhaus for being the Best Waitperson runner-up. We look forward to her sound beer advice on our trips there. She also sometimes hangs around to listen to our inane ramblings between beer recommendations.

3 comments: said...

Well, you know, the best blog wasn't going to anyone who writes their blog in boxers in their parents' basement. Not that really anyone does, but some how we've all been lumped into one category by the Times.

I say next year we get the bloggers union involved and fix this. :)

JeromeProphet said...

It's true that if we banded together we could fix the result.

Then again, I completely forgot about it too.

It's a free advertisement for what is essentially a advertisement for a local portrait photographer - it isn't a blog in any real sense of the meaning - alas, it wins the coveted Illinois Times' Best of Springfield award.

Anonymous said...

I believe that your waitress from Brehaus should have won the Best Waitperson. I guess if you have more money or should I say daddy's money then you can win anything you want.