Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Beer Blogging: Joe Six Pack Edition

Thanks Sarah Palin for reviving the classic but not-used-that-much-this-century term "Joe Six Pack"! It really has been a while.

In honor of this, today I, well, honor six packs and the Joes that wear them.

My guess is that the six pack that Mr. Joe is sporting isn't this kind:

But more like this kind:

Put them together and you have this:

Or this:

But hey, here's a good idea, a fake beer gut that serves you a six pack. It's perfect for getting your favorite drink into an otherwise dry place.

You've got to be a hardcore drinker to go to that extreme. That's why I'll be buying mine here.

Have a great weekend! And if you run into him, say Hi to Joe Six Pack.

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