Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Larry the Some Other Guy

It kinda hurts to find out that Larry the Cable Guy isn't really a hick or a bumpkin and doesn't even really have that accent. It's all an act. He was born Daniel Lawrence Whitney in Nebraska fer crissakes. Here's a video of Dan the Comic Guy doing his stand up routine before his Larry makeover.


doggettmeister said...

Wow. He was horrible then too. I hate to say it but at least his schtick improved some with the whole Larry crap.

His prior stuff sucks. He doesn't have punchlines and doesn't have funny observations. He just says stuff with a twist then pauses so you can get it while he laughs at his own funny to let you know you should laugh too.

Argh. He is a hack through and through.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered about him, I always thought he was too smart to be acting that dumb.

JLogue said...

Yeah, this has been out there for awhile. Apparently he has readily admitted he turns the accent on and off, and I am sure the same goes for his persona. While I don't think he is of the same caliber of Andy Kauffman or Sacha Baron Cohen, I do think he has done the same thing. I think he has effectively convinced most people he is what he says he is on and off stage. Even though I know it's all a schtick, I still enjoy it, though...for the most part. Sometimes it gets rather vulgar and repetitive.