Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sometimes the Best Information is Right at the End.

I was reading this story in the SJ-R this morning and when I got to the very last sentence, I was shocked to find the City of Springfield has 168 marked police cars (how many unmarked?). I guess I never thought about how many police cars the city owns, but 168 just seemed like a lot at first glance. I guess since I rarely see more that one or two at a time, it never occurred to me there were so many.


doggettmeister said...

168/3 shifts=56 cars
5/7th of 56 any day = 40 cars

That is really only 40 active squads more or less at any one time.

Dave said...


When you put it that way, it doesn’t look like such a big number. But doing the math makes me want to rethink my general support for allowing the police to “keep” their vehicles. Suddenly it seems more economical to hand off the cars to the next shift. But I don’t know anything about law enforcement efficiency so I’ll leave it to those that do.