Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog People

If you are reading this you are probably a blog person – someone who enjoys reading blogs. Or you might be a FOD (Friend of Dave), but probably not. Most of my friends don’t read my blog or any blogs for that matter. This, of course, is hard for me, a blog person, to understand. Blogs are great to read and if someone you know has one, it’s even more fun to read. But only a tiny portion of the population feels that way.

Still, I think some of my friends feel uncomfortable admitting they don’t read my blog because they think it’s going to hurt my feelings or something. Sometimes they’ll make excuses like they lost my URL (again, dammit!) or something. That in turn makes me sort of uncomfortable because I don’t really hold it against them in any way. I’d have to have a huge ego to take offense. I mean, it’s OK not to be a blog person. The best part is I can say all this behind their backs because they don’t read my blog!

Update: Before this notion hits the comments, let me say that, yes, I have considered the possibility that I may have friends who secretly ARE blog people but still consider my blog too crappy to bother with. But my ego is just big enough to dismiss that possibility.


Anonymous said...

They don't know you like we of the league who never misses a word you write know you.

JeromeProphet said...

Or maybe, Marie, they know him just a wee too much :)

My brother recently told me he reads my blog on a regular basis now, but I think he's a bit bored now.

So I wonder if that is what it takes - boredom?

Do bored people write, and read blogs?

My posting has been slowed to a trickle recently because, a. I'm exhausted after dealing with clients who are stressing me out at work due to the crashing stock market, and b. because I'm playing this stupid game called SPORE.

Despite this reduction in post I still myself reading blogs - just not posting as much.