Wednesday, February 27, 2008

B. Hussein Obama

Memo: TEH Style Guide

Since it is very important for the rightwing noise machine to highlight Barack Obama’s middle name (and not for any biggoted reasons, so stop saying that!), it is now official TEH policy that all presidential candidates now be referred to in this format:

First Initial / Full Middle Name / Full Last Name
Therefore, in addition to B. Hussein Obama, we now have H. Rodham Clinton and, of course, J. Sidney McCain. Please follow these guidelines in your comments.

Thank you,
TEH (T. Eleventh Hour) Management
ht to The Jim Leach Show
Update: Some blogs are opting for Barack Saddam Hussein Osama Obama but we find that too long for our purposes, even if it does more accurately portray the terrorist-loving, Muslim Manchurian Candidate nature of the good Senator from Illinois.

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Anonymous said...

Dave and others,

What do you think would happen if by chance (and I dont think it will happen) J. Sidney McCain wins the presidency? The other day there was a report about an Obama supporter knifing a H. Rodham Clinton supporter.

I think that the passion on the democratic side this year is so strong that I think we will have major chaos in the streets if McCain wins. The democrats will be screaming voter fraud just like last time with Bush.

I was listening to Air America this morning (you know, keep your enemies close) and the morning host said that a new poll out showed McCain winning. I know it is early but that got me thinking about this scenario. I really dont think it will be peaceful.

BTW, I have gone on record and still support Obama.