Thursday, February 07, 2008

CWLP: Create Water Loss Plan…please

As I’ve said before, in general, I have no problem with the city of Springfield’s plan to replace the old water pumping facility. It obviously needs to be replaced and they have a plan to pay for it. Fine.

What bothers me is that there is not now, nor apparently has there ever been, a back-up plan in case the water delivery system goes down. This seems odd to me. I mean, if there is some sort of catastrophic failure of the ONLY pumping station in town, what's the Plan B? The impression I get from the SJ-R article is there was no disaster recovery plan. With or without the new facility there needs to be a set of contingency plans.

You can’t have a city this size with NO access to ANY water. I don’t mean we need a redundant facility necessarily (I have no idea what backup features the new facility will or won’t have) but we should have a plan in place to get as much water as we can to the city should something bad happen. I don’t care if that means sending Todd Renfrow in a truck to the Casey’s in Pleasant Plains to pick up a load of bottled water, but we should have some plan in place.

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