Monday, February 18, 2008

Past Pets

I guess Pass Pets has closed it doors at White Oaks Mall. Anyone who's had to take there kid to mall has been grateful for in-house zoo to help entertain.

I assume they just weren't making money. But I'll tell you what, White Oaks should have been subsidizing them since that place was a big draw for people who weren't necessarily even in the market for a new dog or pet supplies.

Pass Pets was there for a long time. I would have guessed to to have been one of the original stores from when the mall first opened in 1977, but apparently it wasn't.

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Anonymous said...

Unless they get some manly stores in there to attract us men while our ladies steal the credit cards and shop...they might as well close every store. How about a Bass Pro Shops, Eagle Claw, LLBean, a sports bar & Grill, maybe a hooters, how about a bar with pool tables, tv's dart boards etc. Liven that damn place up and us men might actually find out what it looks like inside!!!!!