Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Beer Blogging: Return of the Beer Fridge Edition

Two years ago, I marked the occasion of he Super Bowl with a post on beer fridges. Today we return to the subject of man's most worthy appliance.

The above photo is representative of the typical beer fridge layout with a variety of beer organized by brand. I'd call this a healthy beer fridge, with all the proper beer groups. Well, except for that nasty chili beer.

However, the fridge below does not provide a balanced beer diet. This fridge contains more PBR than any one person can safely drink in a lifetime. In fact, I believe this picture came from a coroners report.

This next beer fridge also has a problem; someone was trying to get cute with it. Beeramids are for empties only. Dumbass.

And as long as I'm pointing out tacky beer fridges, keep in mind that it's proper to take the beer cans/bottles out of their containers. Lazy beer fridge stocking looks like this.

Turning now to innovative (i.e. sneaky) beer fridge concepts, take a look at this beauty that will look good in the garage. This will keep the teenage boys in the neighborhood from raiding your beer from a more traditional looking fridge.

And, if you forget to tell your wife about it, you can spend hours in the garage "fixing her car" and never get thirsty.

How many times have you been stuck in your cubicle at work and thought how things would be a whole lot more tolerable if you just had a beer. Thing is, you can't just keep a six pack in the break room refrigerator. This will solve your problem.

"Be back in a minute, got to make some copies!"

Finally, no beer fridge post is complete without the most famous beer fridge in the world.

Have a great weekend! And remember to stock you beer fridge properly before the Super Bowl.

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