Monday, February 18, 2008

The Death of Brian

I didn't really know Brian, but went to high school with him. Actually, he only attended my high school freshman and senior years and went somewhere else the other two years.

Brian's' obituary was in the paper last week.

We will have our 30th high school class reunion later this year. There's a web site dedicated to the event and the preparations for it. At that web site, Brian wasn't on the list of those in the class of '78. Odd.

I assume the organizers of the reunion have been using the school yearbook as the basis for their list. Brian wasn't in the yearbook senior year, probably because we had our yearbook pictures taken before the start of the school year and he had not yet returned to our school.

To verify my thinking that Brian had in fact graduated with us, I went to my box of high school memorabilia and pulled out a program from graduation night. There was Brian's name. I was right. But for all these years, I'm betting Brian has been left off reunion mailing lists and perhaps more. Maybe he didn't know or even care. I have no way of knowing.

Anyway, I've let the organizers know so that his name can be included in the list of graduates and, sadly, to the page dedicated to those members of the class who have passed on.

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