Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sticking It To The (Gas) Man

Rick Monday in comments from a previous post has a helpful consumer tip:
Here is a little community tip. I live near Thorntons [gas station on Wabash]. Whenever they spike their prices, last week I think it jumped over 30 cents/gallon in one day, I head over to Sam's. Sam's doesn’t usually increase their prices throughout the day.
You’ll need a Sam’s Club card to get gas there though. I recommend anyone who buys a lot of milk (and gas) to get a Sam’s membership. The lower price of milk alone pays for the annual membership.
But back to gas prices in this city. I really don’t get the sudden and coordinated 30 cent jumps in price. The price then slowly deflates a few pennies a day until the inevitable spike hits again. It has become routine now. I usually gamble on when the low price is at or near its lowest and then fill up before it goes up. But it looks like Rick has figured out a good way to beat the system.


BlogFreeSpringfield said...

Is Springfield unique in having the coordinated 30 cent price jumps? I've always assumed it was that way everywhere, but I never really tried to find out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Palmer, I mean Rick Monday.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,

Did you really make an honest mistake or do you think Palmer and I are one in the same.?LOL

I have come to respect Palmer over the years. We differ on many subjects but also tend to agree on several. But, sorry to break this to you, there are two of us. And you should not insult Palmer by confusing us.

Our writing styles are almost completely different. He tends to be much more eloquent and witty than me. I tend to me more direct and sometimes let too much emotion flow from my keyboard, although I have been working on it.

Plus, I think he works outside his office during the day and cannot blog as much as I do. I work from my own office in downtown Chicago and probably spend too much time doing this stuff.

Good Day and Good Luck!