Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Power Problem Persists

The power problem at the fairgrounds is a bad thing and all, but I have been chalking it up to “shit happens”. Until this morning that is, when I heard WMAY reporting that CWLP offered to run temporary lines into the fairgrounds until repairs could be completed BUT WAS TURNED DOWN by the State. Maybe the State had a good reason (the news story didn’t elaborate) but that seems like a reasonable solution. Maybe we could leave those lines there as a backup so this never happens again. Springfield stands to lose a lot of money on all the cancelled events so maybe the city could even help foot the bill.

And by the way, blaming Gov. Blagojevich for this because he likes Chicago and hates Springfield is just stupid and childish (see the online comments after any SJ-R story on this matter). The inferiority complex and jealously displayed toward Chicago by many Springfieldians is really childish. And putting an unlikable face (Blagojevich’s) on that victimization doesn’t make it any more justifiable.

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RickMonday said...


I have to disagree with your premise that Blago isnt seeking some type of sick revenge on Springfield. I think he does indeed try to stick it to Springfield, not necessarily all of downstate, every chance he gets. I mean, he has nothing to lose and his vote totals in the last election in Sangamon Country were very small.

His votes are in Chicago and any time he can cut any type of program in Sprinfield, he will. It makes for good campaign speeches.

I have met him several times (unfortunately I had to even introduce him one time at an event in Chicago) and even just talking with him, you think he is looking for some angle. He is actually very smart and calculating. And he takes no prisoners. Worst Governor Ever.