Friday, February 15, 2008

Silly TV: The Day After

I just couldn’t resist last night and had to tune into Ch. 20’s hard-hitting and heavily promoted piece comparing the food served in the public schools here to the food in the county jail.

Let me first say that I got it all wrong yesterday. The point wasn’t to induce outrage (criminals eat better than our kids!). No, in fact there was no point to it at all that I could discern. It simply told us what kinds of things the school kids have offered to them for lunch and compared it to what those in the county jail get. And it was about the same thing except there was a little more emphasis on nutrition for the kids and the prisoners could buy more junk food with there own money. That was it.

I never understood the point of the story. There was never any connection made between the two food programs. I was left thinking that both were fine and seemed to be doing the job they were intended to do. So what was the question? Where was the story? Beats me. Maybe they were indeed using some idea out of the "Stupid Stories You Can Run During Sweeps" manual, but just fucked it all up. I have no idea, but whatever it was supposed to do, it failed. Well OK, it did get me to watch.

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