Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Real Men Use Umbrellas

Ever notice that most men refuse to use umbrellas? I don’t know if they think it’s unmanly or they just don’t like carrying one or what. I first noticed this in college when I was one of the few guys trudging across campus in the rain smart enough to use one. I wasn’t the only male carrying one by any means, but it really seemed a lot of guys were put off by them. I still get that sense. I wouldn’t be without one on a day like today.
But really, umbrellas aren’t Teh Gay and it’s practical to use one. Or am I wrong. You know, I’ve never asked a non-carrying man why he wasn’t using an umbrella. Maybe that’s because I’m afraid of the answer.

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JeromeProphet said...

You steered me right on this subject back in college. I've seen so many men over the years getting soaked. Back in college it was the poncho, the most worthless garment ever designed to stop rain.

I find that using a HUGE umbrella settles the matter as far as my manliness is concerned. Walmart sells these enormous umbrellas at a very reasonable price.

They're about the size of a beach umbrella - not kidding.

Not many women could lift one of those, and I chuckle as I see others getting wet from "side rain" coming in on those with smaller umbrellas.

I have often used this line, "You call that an umbrella? This is an umbrella". I say it in my Aussie accent, and all the guys feel relieved that I'm not a flaming homosexual sporting the largest wet phallic symbol they've ever seen.