Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Congress? There’s No Congress in Baseball!

Why is Congress holding hearings on steroid use by baseball players? The cable news channels were, at one point while I ate my lunch, all carrying the hearings live. Again, I ask why?

Congress doesn’t have something better to do, I dunno, like holding the Chaney/Bush administration accountable for their ongoing misdeeds perhaps? But no, we have to talk baseball. And the folks in Congress clearly don't know anything about baseball. I don't know all that much either and I can still see their ignorance.

Sure, Roger Clemens is full of shit. We all know that. But what's being accomplished by these hearings? Steroid use, like crying, is already not allowed in baseball. There are sanctions for those who get caught breaking the rules. What more is to be done? And what is it exactly Congress can do.

I’m sure steroid use is a bad thing and all, but it really isn’t that important. If the baseball industry wants to police themselves on this, that should be enough. If they don’t want to do anything about it, I’m good with that too. It just ain’t important.

This is starting to remind me of the Song Lyrics Are Killing Our Kids hearings from 20 years ago. Say, whatever happened to that corrupted generation of kids from the 80s? They must be pushing 40 by now. I suppose they’re all in jail or dead or drug addicts now.


RickMonday said...

Baseball has an exemption from antitrust laws. I have to assume that this exemption was part of a deal that Congress made with MLB and allowed Congress to have some type of high oversight ability.

JeromeProphet said...

It goes something like this. MLB depends upon illegal drugs, which then feeds back to the Minor leagues, when then puts pressure on those even thinking about baseball as a chosen profession.

If it was just a couple of hundred millionaires we were talking about that's one thing - but when everyone knows, and accepts that the highest level of performance is fueled by illegal drugs it changes the entire character of the sport - all the way down to T-ball.

As to why the media focuses on one subcommittee hearing instead of any of the others the House and Senate hold is probably due to ratings.

I've watched plenty of extremely boring hearings on CSPAN over the years, which never made it to the three ring circus level, and I never thought "Hey, Congress should be doing something else, like impeaching the President".

One doesn't exclude the other, we call that an "either or fallacy".