Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Anderson Effect

As long as I'm seemingly only able to blog about Barack Obama this weekend, I might as well keep going with this little nugget: John B. Anderson is endorsing Obama. That brings things full circle for me. In the first presidential election in which I was able to vote, I was a big supporter of Anderson's bid as an independent (J-B-A, all-the-way!).
Funny thing about that though. As I stood in the voting booth in a church in Carbondale in November 1980, I had a moment of conflict between the ideological and the practical. The thing I was most sure of is I didn't want Ronald Reagan elected. My favorite in the race, Anderson, was not going to beat Reagan (or Carter for that matter). I knew that. Carter could. So I debated with myself whether to vote my conscience (Anderson) or vote to block Reagan (Carter). And I don't remember what I did. To be honest, I think I panicked and voted for Carter and then lied to everyone, including myself, about what I had done. I was no fan of Carter's back then either. But whatever, I've blocked it from my mind so I can still plausibly believe I did vote for Anderson.

Another personal footnote: Anderson is still the only candidate for office I've ever given money to. I think it was $15. That was A LOT for me back then.

Another personal footnote 2: I later got to know and rather liked (through my work in broadcasting in her district) Anderson's successor in congress, Lynn Martin.

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