Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Seconding Random Thoughts

I agree with this:

…I find single-occupancy restrooms that are gender-restricted to be really odd.
We have “single-occupancy restrooms” in the building I work in. I always hate it when the “Mens” room is occupied and right next to it is the “Ladies” room is empty and I have to go to another part of the building to relieve myself. Why not just have two restrooms open to anyone who wants to use one? I have actually suggested as much, but the women in the office are horrified at the idea.
Why? Do they think we’re going to go in and pee all over the seats? Don’t they share bathrooms with the opposite sex at home? Or maybe male pattern bad-aim is why they don’t want to share restrooms at work too. One other problem may be that some (not all) of the “Mens” rooms have a urinals in them in addition to the standard stool. Maybe that freaks the women out too. I will confess this though: in a couple of situations I have gone ahead and used the “Ladies” room. Hah. And nobody died.

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a line from King of the Hill:

"Ever since they held that big women's conference in Beijing, co-ed sports has been the number-two priority on the international feminite agenda. Want to know what the number-one priority is? Co-ed bathrooms. It'll be a cold day in hell before we institute that in the Gribble home."
-Ron Paul supporter Dale Gribble