Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weather Bowl XVII

Are you ready for some WEAAAAAAATHER?

Time once again to pit the forecasting abilities of the National Weather Service against those of The Weather Channel. Both operations think we are going to get snow tomorrow (Thursday) night, but they disagree on how much. As of right now, the NWS says 4-8 inches and TWC says 2-4.

TWC Forecast

NWS Forecast

Let the weather battle begin. The winner will be determined by whether we get over/under 4 inches.

Update 1030 PM: Well hell, The Weather Channel already blinked and upped their prediction to 4-6 inches. Sorry, contest is already on. May the best forecast from this afternoon win. Being right early matters.

Update 7:15 AM: The Weather Channel now says 5-8 inches.

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