Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stupid Addicts

OMG, get over yourselves! Or at least your habit. This is just nuts.

D&J owner John Price is there for them. He has been having the morning waitresses, Beth Akers and Ronda Shuster on Monday, take coffee to customers who want to sit in their vehicles and smoke in the restaurant parking lot. The smokers keep their cars and trucks running for warmth while they enjoy what they used to enjoy inside the restaurant - a smoke and a cup of hot coffee.

Sandy Berry is one of ... them.

"Thank God John lets the waitresses out here to give us coffee," she says, puffing away in her car. Next to her car is a pickup, with Jerry Otto and Charlie Ratliff inside. Sandy and the men keep a window down, either to let smoke out or so they can talk. I think it's so they can talk.


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