Friday, January 25, 2008

Pamela Furr Leaving Springfield

I don’t think any other local talk show host has been kicked around in the local blogosphere quite as much as Pam. Today she announced she is leaving WMAY to take a talk radio job in Huntsville, Alabama.

Pam also blogged off and on for much of her time here. I wish her luck in her new job. And here’s to hoping the Huntsville bloggers are just as merciless.


Anonymous said...

Ding dong the witch is dead!


No More Crying about being FAT!

No more fake Jesus!

No more no prep shows!

geek_guy said...

Maybe now they can replace her with somebody that truly represents their views. Psycho Abortion Guy

Bill said...

I liked Pamela. Do you want to buy my new painting of a tree in a park with a wabbit by it. It is vewwy vewwy beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Now Pamela has been laid off her job in Huntsville, AL. Effective February 7, 2009. What a bummer, but she has a very smart mouth. said...

Wow, there's so much worthwhile information here!