Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Blogthday

The Eleventh Hour blog is 3 years old today.

One trend I’ve noticed is that I have fewer posts each year. However, the number of hits I get (using Sitemeter stats) has gone up each year.

Other things I’ve learned over the last three years:

Most blogging has to be local or specialized for anyone to pay attention.

Blogging isn’t as novel as it once was, or at least not as much as I once thought it was.

Blogging is very time consuming.

The vast majority of people really don’t give a shit about blogs and even close friends and family don’t find my blog a good use of time (I’m not bitching, just observing).

Along those same lines, I get the feeling most non-bloggers think of bloggers as either hyper-nerdy or overly self-indulgent or both. And they might be right.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday TEH. Yours is definitely one of the best.

Marie said...

I just want to say a few things as they stick out in my mind.

One, I still can't believe it took me six months to find you, or rather, took you six months to reveal yourself;

Two, I credit you with opening the door for all the new bloggers that came after;

Three, thanks for not going all gun shy when I jumped all over you (figuratively speaking) after finding your blog; and

Four, yours is the first blog I check everyday to see if something new has been posted (after my own).

Happy Birthday, Dave of the Eleventh Hour!

Dave said...

Nancy & Marie,

Thanks for the nice words.

It wasn't easy getting a blog noticed around here three years ago. Now you can get Spfldbloggers or the online SJR to list your blog and you have instant visability. In the old days (way back in '05!), you had to present yourslf to other bloggers and hope they linked to you or put you on their blog roll.